Who can participate in the cashback giveaway?

Anyone who purchases a ChineseSkill plan with the "Back2School2021" promo code can participate in the cashback giveaway before Sep 7, 2021.

How to participate in the cashback giveaway?

To enter the giveaway, follow the steps below:

1) Use the "Back2School2021" promo code to purchase a ChineseSkill plan;

2) Copy the "B2S21_XXXXXXX" giveaway code after completing your purchase;

3) Go to cashback giveaway widget and enter the "B2S2021_XXXXXXX" code.

I bought a monthly / yearly subscription. Can I get cashback for each renewal after the promotion ends?

Winners of cashback giveaway can get their money back only for the first installment deducted during the promotion period (Aug 17 ~ Sep 6, 2021). After that, auto-renewal costs will be deducted at regular rates. To cancel auto-renewal, please read: How do I cancel my subscription?

Is my personal data safe?

Yes. You will not be asked to share your email or other information on the platform we are using to run giveaways - Gleam.io. We will never sell or share access to your data with third parties.

How will you pick the winners?

Giveaway winners are selected through a random draw at the end of the giveaway period.


When will you announce the winners?

We will announce the winners as soon as possible after the giveaway ends. Specific time and data will vary due to staff availability.

How will I know if I win?

Winners will receive an email from a ChineseSkill staff member informing them they have won the giveaway. No other channels will be used to contact the winners. In addition, we will update the giveaway page with the winner's first name and country of residence.

I believe I've won a giveaway, what should I do?

Nothing. We contact giveaway winners directly via email. If you have not received an email from ChineseSkill, then you have not won. If you have any questions, please contact us at nihao@chineseskill.com.

How do I know that ChineseSkill giveaways are real?

ChineseSkill is an established and highly-respected education website. We are extremely grateful to our loyal users and the community we have fostered around ChineseSkill. Giveaways are one of the ways we try to give back to our community. Check our social media @ChineseSkill to find out more about past giveaways.